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At this time I am accepting the following health insurance coverage: 
  • United Health 
  • San Francisco Medical (HSF).  
Please note that Insurance companies can limit and override clinical decisions and your treatment preferences depending on the terms of your contract. If you have PPO insurance coverage I am happy to provide you with coded monthly invoices to submit for reimbursement as many PPO policies provide reimbursement for out-of-network services (between 50-80%) depending on the policy. Whether you choose to use your in-network or PPO benefits to pay for psychotherapy sessions, I recommend that you check your insurance coverage carefully by asking your insurance provider the following questions:
  • Are mental health insurance benefits included in my insurance policy?
  • If I have a deductible 1) what is it & 2) has it been met?
  • How many psychotherapy sessions does my health insurance plan cover per year?
  • Do I need approval for psychotherapy from my primary care physician?
  • For PPO coverage: What is the reimbursement rate per therapy session?