Couples Therapy

Some of the most difficult issues that we face in relationships are linked to the unconscious strategies that keep us feeling stuck and unlovable. There are many ways in which a couple’s relationship might feel unfulfilling or filled with growing mistrust. Regardless of the issue, the problems that couples face can often cause deep emotional unrest for each partner and for family members and in friendships too.

While repairing a marriage or long-term or even new relationship is not easy, repair is not only possible but can be invigorating with the right kind of support. I subscribe to the philosophies of psychologist, Ellen Bayder and the AEDP Couples Therapy model which uphold that effective couples therapy is a process of identifying historic obsolete dynamics including generational dynamics as they apply and practicing how to unwind from these and discover new more effective ways of communicating and connecting in respectful and intimate ways.

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