Individual Therapy

Life is challenging! Life challenges can seem especially daunting when our 'default' coping strategies start to undermine our best efforts to succeed. 

While we tend to rely on familiar coping strategies that have served us in the past, without some adjustment, these strategies tend to let us down over time. Default thought and behavior patterns also tend to be hidden from our immediate perception and can unconsciously degrade our perception, confidence, creativity and ability to experience and foster joy for others.

Fortunately, a collaborative reparative therapy process can help individuals transform unhealthy default thought and behavior patterns into conscious, authentic and empowering solutions. 

In my opinion, effective psychotherapy can provide a special private sounding board-- beyond one's familiar family and social circles-- that can help cultivate new perspectives and opportunities for self-discovery, self-expression and fulfilling interactions with others.

At the start of our sessions, we would collaborate to determine a course of treatment that feels relevant and important to you. In addition to choosing among various talk therapy approaches (Mindfulness-based CBT, Depth Psychology, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Solution-Focused Psychotherapy...), we may decide to incorporate one or two somatic or experiential techniques (EMDR, Flash EMDR, hypnosis, tapping...) to help streamline goal completion.

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