Why Therapy?

Life is challenging! Life challenges can seem especially daunting when our 'default' coping strategies undermine our best efforts to learn, relate and succeed. While familiar coping strategies may have been useful to us in the past, without some adjustment these strategies tend to let us down over time. Even more troublesome, our default thought and behavior patterns are often actually hidden from our immediate perception, and can unconsciously interfere with and undermine our perception, confidence, creativity and ultimately our ability to foster joy for ourselves and others.

Outdated thought and behavior patterns can also be transformed into more conscious, creative and effective solutions through a collaborative reparative psychotherapeutic process. In my strong opinion psychotherapy can provide a private sounding board-- outside of one's immediate family and social circles-- which can help one cultivate budding new thoughts and directions including opportunities for more self-discovery, self-expression and fulfilling relationships.

Progress and duration of treatment vary from person to person and depend on a variety of factors including the nature and intensity of one's initial concerns, goals , motivation and life circumstances. New issues and goals also arise over the course of therapy. 

Many people report benefitting from psychotherapy. That said,  the process can be challenging and raise uncomfortable feelings at times. The good news is that these feelings are a natural part of the growth and healing process and are usually strong catalysts for positive dynamic change and grounding.

At the start of our sessions we would determine a course of treatment that's most helpful and interesting to you. In addition to talk therapy, we may also choose to incorporate some experiential therapies including body-awareness and mindfulness-based practices (eg EMDR,  hypnosis and tapping...).

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